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Solutions for Growing Chains and Multi-Store Operations


is the most advanced turnkey POS solution for multi-location, franchise QSRs and traditional table service restaurants. Take your restaurant or QSR to the next level with modern features such as online ordering, reservations, digital signage, mobile ordering and payment.


Impress ME was designed with you in mind. Our software is easy to use and full of features to help your business run smoothly.


No cheap tablets or consumer grade hardware here! All Impress POS hardware is enterprise grade and specifically designed for the rigors of daily use in high paced, tough environments.  Add a rugged handheld device, iPad, iPad Mini, or iTouch to take orders and payment at the point of service.  


Our #1 goal is to make sure you are taken care of. We have 24/7/365 USA based technical support that is always here to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be successful – and we are here to help!

Scalable Solutions 

More Features Under One System

Turn your Impress ME POS into one of the most advanced computing and information gathering tools you've ever seen. Don't take weeks or months to edit, view, and retrieve information from multiple locations. Get things done now from home, your office, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Our impressive portfolio of products provide boundless opportunity for clients to incorporate new features and add more stores to their Enterprise module with ease. 

Grow Your IT Team, Not Costs

Expand Your Technical Expertise

We make it a priority to have every location running smoothly and efficiently. This means servicing your stores technical and customer service needs. As you grow, supporting each store may become challenging and this is why we are here to help. Our unique Web-Enabled System, allows you to expand your networks, technical personnel, and reach. We are able to assist all your stores in everyday problems remotely via the Internet to solve problems in minutes. Think of us as your technology partner that will help you to stay up-to-date with software updates and tools to make your business run better. Let us help support and grow your IT team with our 24/7 call center remote support and service personnel by your side.


Centralized Reports and Controls

Streamline Reporting

Organize the way you collect and handle information. Impress ME's Enterprise System allows fast downloading and consistent reporting so you can retrieve real-time reports for sales, sales categories, inventory, royalties and more. Get the customized reports you want to better plan your growth with our new Advanced Reporting System.


Menu & Price Controls

Get a handle on your business by controlling the way you implement menu and price updates across all locations. Impress ME allows you to easily perform specific changes by store or region without worry. Working with our trained technicians, we make sure all your changes are done smoothly and successfully.


Labor Management

Employee Scheduler and Labor Management

The Impress ME Scheduler makes scheduling convenient, easy, and fast for managers. Scheduler is an online scheduling and communication system that’s accessible from any web browser. Just login online to create and make changes to schedules and communicate information company-wide.


  • Works independently or integrated with your POS to handle clock in/out times

  • Handles multiple stores, different staff schedules ie. kitchen, server, bar etc.

  • Emails and text messages shifts instantly to staff

  • Employee information consolidation for HR and Operational purposes

  • Calculates and manages labour costs

Scheduling App

Get the Scheduling app for your team and receive schedules, shift changes, requests, notifications and more on their mobile device. Available for Apple and Android users.

Database Replication

Continuous Availability

Impress ME's database replication software ensures impeccable recovery time and continuous availability during an emergency occurrence.  Our database replication software allows your database to fall back on a backup server or other computer automatically if your server becomes offline for an allotted amount of time. Our data replication software ensures data is available stored if there is an emergency or downtime at your store.

In-Store Marketing

Visual Communications

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let us assist you in getting your promotional

efforts displayed using our complete range of digital signage products. Control, upload,

and distribute to all or select stores. Our Digital Menu Boards are attractive and display

products, descriptions, prices and more so you're more productive in your visual efforts.

Choose menu boards, poster boards, and customer display to add more flare and reduce cost associated with printed media. These boards are a modern necessity for your marketing and graphics team.


Institution and Dining Facilities 

Meal Plans and Prepaid Cards

Impress POS offers facilities such as school cafeteria and dining facilities a better way to manage payments and patron accounts on the the point of sale.

  • After selecting a meal, patrons can use prepaid cards to pay for meals

  • Online Meal prepaid cards can be refilled online

  • Reports for sales transactions, patron activity, item purchases, meal reimbursements and more.

All of the Features of Impress 


  • Multi-Location

  • Online Ordering & Reservations

  • Mobile Ordering

  • Mobile Payments

  • Quick Services

  • Corporate Polling

  • Order & Pay at the Table

  • Kitchen Displays

  • Digital Menu Boards

  • Unlimited Terminals

  • Time Clock & Scheduling

  • Loyalty Program

  • Server

  • Inventory Management

  • Optional

    • Server​

    • Employee Cards

    • Gift & Loyalty Program


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